The "Chronic Disease Life Museum" of Peak Pharmacy has opened

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After a series of preliminary preparations, on September 21, the "Chronic Disease Life Museum" of Shijinge Store in Jianfeng Pharmacy opened.

At 7 o'clock in the morning of the same day, outside the store of shizhen pavilion, the chronic disease specialists of the peak pharmacy prepared the blood glucose meter, test paper, alcohol and cotton swabs, and methodically collected blood and monitored the blood sugar of the customers who came to measure the blood sugar. In the process of receiving customers, the chronic disease specialist established a chronic disease member file for each diabetic patient, and explained in detail the matters that should be paid attention to in daily life for customers in easy-to-understand language, including diet, exercise therapy, drug action time, control points, best taking time, taking methods and adverse reactions, etc. At the same time, patients are reminded to regularly monitor blood sugar control. In addition, for patients who use insulin, the chronic disease specialist also explained to them the insulin shaking method, injection site, storage conditions and other precautions.

In order to enable the chronic disease commissioner to provide more professional services, on the opening day, there will be teachers to give professional guidance to the chronic disease commissioner's services. On the two days of the opening activities, four experts from the Central Hospital and the Chinese Medicine Hospital carried out free clinic activities and had face-to-face communication with patients. Spike health-related staff also went to the scene to promote bone health.

It is understood that the "Bocheng-Shu Han Wen Wen Nuan Chronic Disease Management Project" is a strategic cooperation project with differentiated operation and professional service of Jianfeng Pharmacy. It mainly focuses on the management of chronic disease categories and the in-depth service of three high-tech members, providing one-stop services such as blood glucose monitoring education, rational drug use education, drug safety education and insulin education for patients. The project began planning in the first half of this year, and began to implement and select chronic disease commissioners in August. The chronic disease commissioner is selected from the direct stores of large pharmacies through voluntary registration and store recommendation, and further improves his professional service ability through self-study, theoretical knowledge training and teacher-led teaching. After the project was launched, the large pharmacy set up a professional "chronic disease living hall" in the Shizhen Pavilion store of the designated medical insurance chronic disease pharmacy, and set up a consultation desk in other direct stores, equipped with chronic disease specialists to provide professional services for patients.

In addition, in order to let more customers know about the "Chronic Disease Life Museum", starting from September 14th, the chronic disease specialists of the large pharmacy also went to the Youth Community, Donglai Community, Rose Garden Community, etc. to provide residents with free blood sugar testing, Blood pressure measurement and health consultation services, and establish membership files for chronic disease patients.

Cheng Zhan, deputy general manager of Jianfeng Pharmacy, said that from several recent activities, it can be seen that patients with chronic diseases lack professional knowledge of chronic diseases, and there are also many misunderstandings in blood sugar monitoring, diet, and rational drug use. The big pharmacy hopes to instill the correct concept of healthy life into patients through the development of chronic disease management projects, help patients track and manage his drug knowledge, medication compliance, blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring, and establish a trust relationship with customers. At the same time, the service also urges the shop assistants to study hard to improve their professional service level, so that the pharmacy gradually develops into a professional pharmacy, and finally realizes the transformation from a drug seller to a professional service provider of health management.