Pharmacovigilance Commissioner

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1, responsible for the specific collection, processing, analysis, evaluation and reporting of suspected adverse drug reaction information;

2Responsible for the verification and follow-up of adverse drug reaction information;

3To search, analyze and evaluate the academic literature on drug safety on a regular basis;

4Responsible for the handling of individual adverse drug reaction reports fed back by the regulatory authorities;

5Participate in the preparation of the main document of the pharmacovigilance system; regularly report the pharmacovigilance analysis report.

6Establish and preserve pharmacovigilance information files, and complete other tasks assigned by the department.



1, 25-30 years old, bachelor degree. Bachelor degree or above in medicine, pharmacy or other related major; major in clinical medicine or nursing is preferred;

2, in the pharmaceutical industry engaged in adverse drug reaction management is preferred.

3English level 4 and above, love English;

4. Clinical work experience is preferred,experience in drug safety in particular;

5. Strong team work; Excellent communication skills.


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