Pharmaceutical Company Donates Love to Help Sick Employees

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On April 15, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company organized a charity donation activity to send their care and care to the sick employee Zhang.

    4Month15On the 15th, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company organized a charity donation activity to give Zhang An, a sick employee, his care and concern.

    Zhang An is a full-time driver at the Jinxi plant of a pharmaceutical company.1Month3On the morning of the 2nd, on the way to work to pick up the car, he unfortunately fainted with a cerebral hemorrhage. After craniotomy, he was still in a coma for half a month and has been hospitalized so far. At present, the language and body dysfunction are serious, and the medical expenses have exceeded10Ten thousand yuan. Zhang An's father died unfortunately because he could not bear his grief and was too sad. His wife is unemployed and his son is still young. The cost of later life care and rehabilitation cannot be estimated. The heavy blows put the ordinary family in a difficult situation. The party committee and trade union of the pharmaceutical company attached great importance to this situation and issued an initiative to the employees to donate money to Zhang.

    4Month15On the 15th, the trade union of the pharmaceutical company issued the "Proposal for Love Donation". The employees of the pharmaceutical department and its affiliated units extended a helping hand and helped each other. The overseas sales staff of the pharmaceutical company also gave their love through WeChat transfer. In just half a day, the donation has reached8More than ten thousand yuan. On the afternoon of the same day, Shen Quan, executive deputy general manager of the pharmaceutical company, and Dai Jinxiao, deputy secretary of the party committee and chairman of the trade union, sent the love donation to Zhang an on behalf of all the staff and wished him a speedy recovery.

    A few days later, Zhang An's family specially sent a thank-you letter to the pharmaceutical company, thanking the leaders and colleagues for their many visits and loving donations, and said that Zhang An is actively exercising with an optimistic attitude, striving for an early recovery and returning to work. Live up to the deep friendship of colleagues.