Revisit Red History Inheritance Red Gene Spike Party Members Visit Shuanglong Hydropower Station

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More than 40 members of the party committee of the group, party members of various branches of the group headquarters, and party members of subordinate enterprise branches went to the Shuanglong Hydropower Station, the Red Education Base of Jinhua City, to receive education in party spirit and revolutionary tradition.

       7Month1in the morning,Members of the Party Committee of the Group, Party members of all branches of the Group Headquarters and Party members of the Pharmaceutical Branch40More people went to the Shuanglong Hydropower Station, Jinhua Red Education Base, to receive party spirit and revolutionary tradition education on the spot.

    Shuanglong Hydropower Station is located in Xiwang Village, Luodian Town, Jinhua City.1958It was the earliest rural small hydropower station in Jinhua and the first high-head hydropower station in the country. It once created the first one independently developed in my country.750Industrial miracles such as kilowatt turbines, independent research and development of online power generation technology, and one ridge and eight station hydropower model are important milestones in the history of China's electric machinery manufacturing and rural hydropower.1960Year3Month14On the same day, Chairman Mao Zedong made a special trip to inspect the Shuanglong Hydropower Station and instructed it to be promoted as a typical example of the development of rural small hydropower in the country. This small hydropower station, which carries the red spirit of "self-reliance and hard work", not only alleviated the power consumption problem in Jinhua to a great extent, but also promoted the development of small hydropower in the world. With the changes of time, the main function of Shuanglong Hydropower Station is no longer power generation, but further embodies the inheritance and display of "Jinhua contribution" and "Jinhua spirit". It has been listed as a municipal cultural relic protection unit in Jinhua, and has been built as a "Chairman Mao Zedong inspected the memorial hall of Shuanglong Hydropower Station", which has become a base for red education and patriotism education.

    At the Shuanglong Hydropower Station, party members visited the generator sets inspected by Chairman Mao on display in the old factory building, and under the vivid explanation of the commentator, they carefully savored the precious revolutionary historical pictures and the historical relics that embody the painstaking efforts of their predecessors. recall the history of struggle of the revolutionary ancestors, and strengthen their belief in fighting for the cause of communism.

    Under the bright banner of the party, all the party members who participated in the visit and study, led by Jiang Xiaomeng, secretary of the party committee of the group company, raised their right fist and solemnly reviewed the oath of joining the party.

    Party members participating in the event said that the Shuanglong Hydropower Station has been closely related to the lives of Jinhua people for a long historical period and is an important witness to the development of Jinhua. The older generation of hydropower peopleThe spirit of "self-reliance and hard work" is in line with the peak spirit left by the older generation of peak people. In7Month1On this special day, it is especially meaningful to receive red education at home.