Spike Pharmaceuticals set out to explore a new sales model

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From August 16 to 21, the 2017 China Pharmaceutical Retail Industry Information Conference (hereinafter referred to as "Xipu meeting") with the theme of "building a blueprint-market awakening focusing on demand" was held in Boao, Hainan. Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, and relevant responsible persons such as Jianfeng Health, Pharmaceutical sales Company and Jianfeng Pharmacy were invited to participate in the event to create a new sales model ".

This year coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Western Conference. More than 1200 mainstream chain pharmacies, more than 800 brand pharmaceutical industries, more than 100 cross-border affiliated institutions, more than 130 top domestic and foreign capital institutions, more than 60 representatives of authoritative media, and authoritative experts in the industry, with nearly 4000 people gathered in Boao. The meeting combed the context of the pharmaceutical retail industry in the past ten years, discussed the development of the industry in the new decade, and built a new blueprint for the industry.

During the meeting, Huang Jinlong led the peak participants to have in-depth exchanges with the organizers of the conference and industry experts on issues such as the impact of national policies such as the brand strategy of enterprises, the role of brand enterprises in the industry, medical reform, prescription outflow, etc. on the original sales mode of pharmaceutical enterprises. He also had extensive contact with pharmaceutical counterparts and terminal chains, listened to front-line sales experience, collected relevant information on terminal chains, and collected market trends of the top 100 chains.

In the past ten years, the scale of drug retail in China has increased from 143 billion yuan to 337.7 billion yuan, and the chain rate has increased from 35.3 per cent to 49.4 per cent, playing an increasingly important role in self-medication and drug accessibility for the masses. With the trend of prescription outflow becoming clear, the position of drug retail terminal in the national pharmaceutical health system is becoming more and more important, but the overall size of the top 100 retail is still hovering around 34% of the total pharmaceutical retail industry, which shows that the market concentration is still huge. Before the expected trillion-dollar market, Peak Pharmaceutical Sales Company set up a new sales control department, trying to further extend the original sales channels into the terminal chain market and explore new sales models.

The relevant person in charge of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical said that in the current complex and changeable market environment, pharmaceutical sales have also given birth to many new models. The establishment of a control sales department is an attempt to seamlessly link the agent and terminal models, and more effectively grasp the pharmaceutical market. Terminal dynamics, to achieve the purpose of sorting out channels, controlling channels and terminals, and then increase drug sales in a good market environment, and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, more is to do the sustainable sales of products "growth", build brand system, build 360The brand marketing promotion model opens a new exploration of win-win cooperation with the terminal chain market.