Provincial torchbearers, there are two spikes!

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On the morning of September 29, the torch relay of the 17th Zhejiang Games was held in Jinhua City. Zheng Kunwu, production manager of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company, and Guo Xuhua, quality manager of Zhejiang Erying Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., as torchbearers of Jinhua Development Zone, participated in the torch relay of the 24th and 60th sticks in Jinhua City respectively, showing the high-spirited spirit of Jianfeng people, cheering and adding luster to the Provincial Games.

    9Month29On the morning of the 15th, the torch relay of the 17th Zhejiang games was held in Jinhua city. Zheng kunwu, manager of the production department of peak pharmaceutical company, and Guo xuhua, head of quality of Zhejiang erying pharmaceutical co., ltd., as torchbearers of Jinhua development zone, participated in the torch relay of Jinhua city respectively24Rod and No.60The torch relay showed the high-spirited spirit of the peak people, cheering and adding luster to the Provincial Games.

    About the athletes participating in the current provincial games1.5Ten thousand people, it is the largest provincial games in the history of Zhejiang province. The whole province selected363Torchbearers, including Jinhua Development Zone60Name.

    Zheng Kunwu2000After graduating from university in, he entered Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, has been committed to drug production and equipment innovation, obtained a number of invention patents and utility model patents, and made outstanding contributions to the company's cost reduction and efficiency increase and the technological progress of the industry. The company's outstanding employees, outstanding scientific and technological workers, outstanding Communist Party members, outstanding management workers and other honors, was named an outstanding Communist Party member of the Jinhua SASAC, and won the second prize of Jinhua Science and Technology Progress Award. Guo Xuhua is the city of Jinhua321 Talent training object, has led the team to create a drug quality management system, won the first in Jinhua City.BCertificate "Pharmaceutical production license", has won the honorary titles of Jinhua pharmaceutical outstanding scientific and technological workers, company outstanding cadres and community outstanding Communist Party members.

    To become a torchbearer of the Provincial Games, you have to go through the procedures of unit recommendation, material reporting, organization screening, physical examination, etc., and participate in relevant training and drills after being selected. Zheng Kunwu said that participating in the torch relay is a sacred and glorious task, and it also proves the recognition of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical by the government and all sectors of society. Guo Xuhua said that he was very excited to learn that he was selected as a torchbearer. It is an experience he has never had before to participate in the torch relay at his doorstep. It is also the supreme honor and mission. It will be the most beautiful memory in his life.

    In order to fully display the image of the peak and the spirit of the peak people during the torch relay, Zheng Kunwu and Guo Xuhua used a lot of brains, and their colleagues also helped to put forward many ideas, such as those made during the torch handover."Sharp" character modeling, do climbing mountain movements, etc. For this reason, the two also explained, communicated and practiced with their previous torchbearers many times, and finally determined the double climbing and shouted out the "Climbing the Peak" in the spirit of the peak and the theme of the Provincial Games. The handover of "Rise of Central Zhejiang" was successfully completed in the final torch relay.