Jianfeng Pharmaceutical was invited to participate in the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Fair.

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From September 20 to 22, the 85th National Drug Fair was solemnly held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company brought many new products to the exhibition.

September20Day-22Day, No.85The National Pharmaceutical Fair was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, and the peak pharmaceutical company brought many new products to participate in the exhibition.

    This drug fair was originally scheduled2021Year4Held in January, due to the outbreak of a delay to this day, is the current epidemic situation in the country's largest trade event. In the year when the Pharmaceutical Fair was postponed, a number of reform policies for the pharmaceutical industry were introduced, which brought many changes to the pharmaceutical production and sales industry. The special appearance of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. fully demonstrated its excellent corporate culture and product lineup, and used booth decoration to skillfully design new product display walls, focusing on the upcoming listing of pharmaceutical companies.8The unique advantages of the product, for the new listing to do preheating.

    Due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of people who came to the exhibition was smaller than in the past, but the booth of the peak pharmaceutical industry still received the attention of many people in the industry. In particular, the pediatric drug use to be launched by Erying Company has received widespread attention, and the publicity materials have been sold out. On the first day, many customers came one after another, old customers came to visit, new customers came to observe the experience and discuss cooperation intentions.

    Participating in this drug fair fully demonstrated the image of the pharmaceutical company, promoted new and old products, strengthened the contact with partners, and communicated with a group of customers with cooperation intentions. In the later period, the sales department staff of the pharmaceutical company will also follow up with the managers of various provinces and regions to contact and understand the needs of customers in order to broaden the channels and intensively cultivate the market.