Pharmaceutical companies to strengthen the office environment and labor discipline

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According to the requirements of relevant meetings of the pharmaceutical company, further improve the office environment of subordinate enterprises and strengthen labor discipline. On May 23, Jin Huazhong, secretary of the party committee of the pharmaceutical company, led the team. Party branch secretaries of subordinate enterprises and relevant responsible persons of the pharmaceutical comprehensive office jointly conducted a major inspection on the factory appearance, office environment and labor discipline of subordinate enterprises such as Jianfeng Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Company and Jinxi Pharmaceutical Factory.

The inspection team focused on the inspection of the factory area, office environment, daily cleaning of the factory workshop, etc., and put forward rectification opinions on the warning signs of large pharmacy passages, the stacking of sundries by pharmaceutical companies, the setting of electric wires, the maintenance of publicity boards, the production of passage slogans, and the maintenance of lawns in Jinxi Factory. The pharmaceutical company also conducted irregular spot checks on the attendance of employees at work and on-the-job status, and the subordinate enterprise office reported the spot checks of the current month to the pharmaceutical comprehensive office.