The company organized the preparation of the 2023 comprehensive budget asset inventory work to start at the same time.

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The group company recently issued a notice to start the comprehensive budget preparation for 2023, and the annual inventory of the company's assets was also carried out at the same time.

The group company recently issued a notice to proceed.2023The annual comprehensive budget preparation and the annual inventory of the company's assets were also carried out at the same time.

    The preparation of the annual comprehensive budget is to improve the company's management level, optimize the allocation of resources, improve internal control, and ensure the company's sustainable and stable development. According to the company's strategic development plan and comprehensive budget management system, the scope of budgeting includes group companies, wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding subsidiaries. Comprehensive budget followsAccording to the principle of "top-down, bottom-up, combination of top and bottom, group preparation and level-by-level summary", each enterprise budget management office shall, within the specified time, refer2022The actual production and operation of the year, combined with the"10(months) 2(months) "budget summary, as well as a review of2023In the year, the national economic macro situation, market environment prediction, in accordance with the overall deployment and arrangement of the group company, according to the principle of advanced business budget, capital budget, financial budget and other preparation work.

    In order to make the annual comprehensive budget more practical and effective, the company requires all enterprises to decompose the annual budget into months or quarters according to the production cycle and the seasonal changes of the actual light and peak seasons, and form the profit budget preparation of the corresponding stage. When budgeting period expenses, the period expenses shall be arranged according to their different nature, fixed expenses, variable expenses and mixed expenses according to the zero-based budget method, to control costs more effectively. In addition, in order to better assess the reasonableness of budget formulation, each unit is also required to prepare its budget for the relevant output, units, and costs.2022A comparative analysis of the actual number of years and an explanation of the changes. After the budget preparation is submitted to the group for review and approval,2023Decomposition and implementation in the first quarter of the year.

    In addition, in order to strengthen asset management, ensure the quality of accounting information, and ensure the authenticity, safety and integrity of the company's assets, it was decided2022Year12A comprehensive asset inventory will be conducted before the end of the month. All accounting units included in the scope of the Group's consolidated financial statements are the subject of this asset inventory. Each unit shall set up an asset inventory team composed of personnel from relevant departments and designate a person in charge, and the Group Finance Department and audit institution will send personnel to supervise the inventory.

    The annual asset inventory will be conducted in two phases, from the date of issuance of the notice.11At the end of the month, the inventory covers fixed assets and construction in progress, intangible assets and right-of-use assets, with the second phase ending from the first phase to12At the end of the month, including monetary funds, inventories, bills, marketable securities and other assets. Each subordinate enterprise and professional company will summarize the inventory list and results at the end of each stage and report to the Group Finance Department for filing. Inventory gains, inventory losses and other property that gives rise to losses will be financially treated in accordance with relevant regulations and company systems.