Peak Pharmaceutical's 2022 Quality Month Campaign Successfully Concluded

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On October 31, with the end of the last project, the quality knowledge competition, the 2022 quality month activity of peak pharmaceutical company was successfully concluded.

    10Month31Day, with the last item——Quality Knowledge Contest Ends, Spike Pharmaceuticals2022The annual quality month activity ended successfully.

    AroundSeize the problem and don't let goThe theme of the activity, since9Beginning in the middle of the month, Peak Pharmaceuticals carried out a series of quality month-related activities. Hanging banners in the factory to create an atmosphere; Set up study groups and use morning meetings and production gap time to post employees.SOPResponsibilities,GMPKnowledge and other training and learning.

    During the period, Spike Pharmaceuticals also organizedMe and quality.Short video creation, quality month essay collection, quality knowledge prize contest and other activities. Short video creation requires participating employees to shoot and produce videos through daily work operations, or to show their results in the form of other positive energy telling quality stories. This time the total collection8Short videos, in short videos of different types and different contents, employees vividly described their understanding of quality awareness and their adherence to strict quality in their daily work. After the review,G01workshop, integrated preparation workshop andQCThe instrument group won the Excellence Award.

    Essay activities are quality-themed, and employees start fromMy position and my quality responsibility”“I speak for quality.orI'm flying with the inspectionAfter review by the jury, Zhong Liping's "My Position and My Quality Responsibility" and Ye Ke's "My Opinion on Drug Quality" won the second prize, Cao Ming's "Quality Originates from Production", Fang Ling's "My Position and My Quality Responsibility" and Fu Junli's "Me and Flying Inspection" won the third prize.

    The composition of employees from various departments of pharmaceutical companies in the quality knowledge prize competition13A team to participate, a total of must-answer questions, rush to answer questions2The content of the topic includes "Drug Administration Law", "Measures for the Administration of Drug Registration", "Measures for the Administration of Drug Production", "Drugs"GMPGuide, the basic knowledge of the post and the combination of enterprise quality system, both theoretical and practical. After fierce competition, the material engineering department won the first prize;QRLaboratory, technical department, preparation workshop tied for the second prize; powder injection workshop, comprehensive preparation workshop,QCOne tied for the third prize.