Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Artificial Niuhuang Technological Transformation Project Starts Construction

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Jianfeng Pharmaceutical artificial bezoar technical transformation project recently started construction in Qiubin Factory.

Artificial bezoar has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, resolving phlegm, and is commonly used in Chinese and Western medicines such as colds, clearing away heat and detoxification. As the vast majority of artificial bezoar-related preparations are national essential drugs, with the further implementation of the medical reform policy, the downstream industry of artificial bezoar will enter a new round of business cycle. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical has many years of experience in artificial bezoar production. The technological transformation project will use the existing workshop structure, public works and operators of Qiubin Factory to achieve an annual production capacity of 100 tons of artificial bezoar by adding production equipment such as double cone rotary vacuum drying, horizontal ball mill pulverizer unit, hopper and hoist, closed screening system, and upgrading some public systems.

According to the project implementation plan, the project will complete the civil engineering in May. Complete the commissioning, testing and verification of equipment and facilities in July, with trial production conditions; Strive to complete the on-site inspection of GMP certification before the end of December. At present, the factory buildings in Qiubin are vacated and the site is cleaned up.

It is understood that the production of natural bezoar is very small, the price is extremely high, and the market rarely provides it. As a biochemical API, artificial bezoar has fewer manufacturers. In the past, due to relatively loose supervision, the testing methods of raw materials and finished products are relatively simple, the quality control indicators are not perfect, and the quality of products on the market is uneven. It is imperative to improve the quality standards. To this end, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the "Biochemical Drug GMP Quality Management Practice (Draft for Comment)" at the end of 2016, which was implemented in March 2017. On the basis of previous production experience, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical will further improve product quality, achieve quality consistency through quality comparative research and natural bezoar or cultivated bezoar, and strive to become a benchmark enterprise for artificial bezoar.