Looking for the Unchangeable Law in Change Thinking about the Transformation of Enterprises in Change

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On December 2, Yu Jianhong, general manager of Jianfeng Group, gave a management lesson to the company's reserve management talents under the title of "Enterprise Management Innovation in Great Changes.

    12Month2On the 15th, Yu Jianhong, general manager of Jianfeng Group, gave a management lesson to the company's reserve management talents on the topic of "Enterprise Management Innovation in Great Changes.

    In recent years, global geopolitical turmoil, the energy crisis, climate change, increasing aging and other factors have had a serious impact on the world economy, and the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has exacerbated the downward pressure on the economy. China's economic development is facing many unprecedented challenges. Economic transformation and development are in a critical period. The traditional manufacturing industry has entered a post-industrial era of overcapacity, intensified competition, accelerated elimination, and increased industrial concentration. The traditional industrial structure and production organization model have entered a new stage of change; The rapid development of science and technology further breaks the balance of industry, trade, and living standards, produces new contradictions, and promotes new changes; the improvement of national living standards and changes in consumption habits have also had an impact on the transformation of the industry. The successful development concepts, experiences and models of enterprises in the past are facing severe tests. Yu Jianhong proposed that even in thisIn the "great changes unseen in a century", the nature of the market economy, the fluctuation law of market supply and demand, the basic logic of market competition, and the underlying logic of enterprises using efficient management to create advantages will remain unchanged. If an enterprise wants to win this challenge of survival of the fittest and blowing the chaff to see the rice, it is necessary to find the "unchanged" survival concept from this kind of "change", through efficient management and continuous technological innovation, constantly create products and solutions that meet people's yearning for a better life, constantly improve product performance and quality, reduce costs, enable enterprises to gain market recognition, and maintain survival vitality.

    Based on this idea, Yu Jianhong put forward the main direction of current enterprise management innovation from the purpose, definition and function of management. He believes that management change and technological innovation are the two main forces to maintain the survival and development of enterprises, among which technological revolution is the main driving force to promote management change, and management ability is the effective guarantee for technological innovation and breakthrough. In order to enhance the ability of technological innovation and introduce advanced technology, enterprises should first innovate the management system, ensure the vitality of the organization, stimulate the potential of people, use the vision of globalization, innovative and interconnected thinking, perseverance and courage, systematic and logical thinking, and determine the top-level design of strategic planning and strategic investment.

    Based on the industry ecological situation of the two main businesses of the peak, Yu Jianhong shared his management experience and thinking from the aspects of strategic planning and investment, product positioning, shaping traditional industries with digital thinking, organizational structure reform, incentive system innovation, reform control thinking, market management innovation, shaping corporate culture, etc. He also systematically sorted out the key points of management innovation reform in the future period of the peak.

    Yu Jianhong emphasized that thinking habits affect a person's cognitive height, depth, and vision; they affect the ability to discover, analyze, and solve problems,"The winner is strong, and the winner is strong." Only by changing yourself can you win the future. He hopes that the company's reserve management talents must pay attention to the cultivation of thinking mode, learn to think independently at a higher level, learn to think based on laws, rules, and origins, learn systematic thinking, linear thinking, reverse thinking, multi-dimensional observation and thinking, so that they can achieve growth better and faster, and better promote the change, innovation and development of the peak in the great change.

The management team and management backbone of the company's subordinate enterprises also participated in this study. Overseas enterprise personnel through the video conference system to participate in learning.