Company Commends 2022 Advanced

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On the morning of January 18, the group company held the 2022 annual summary commendation meeting to review the work of the previous year, make arrangements for the work in 2023, sign the 2023 economic responsibility system with various professional companies and directly affiliated enterprises, and solemnly commend the 2022 advanced collectives and individuals.

    1Month18On the morning of the day, the group company held a meeting2022The annual summary commendation meeting, reviewing the work of the previous year, is right2023Annual work arrangements, with the professional companies, directly affiliated enterprises signed2023Annual economic responsibility system, and grand recognition2022Annual advanced collectives and advanced individuals.

    At the summary and commendation meeting, Yu Jianhong, general manager of the group company, made a work report on the topic of "cohesion, integrity and innovation, and strive to create new competitive advantages". The project construction work was carried out in an orderly manner. Continue to promote the optimization of the management system and improve the management level; Technological innovation has achieved new results; Overcoming the pressure of economic downturn and market downturn, and striving to open up the market; Team building and human resources management have made some progress; Safety and environmental protection management improved; to party building as a guide, strengthen group work and corporate culture construction; strengthen the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic to ensure the health and safety of employees; corporate image, influence, reputation has been improved, and so on.2022A comprehensive review of the annual work was made.

    After analyzing the market development trend related to the peak business, Yu Jianhong proposed on behalf of the group company.2023The work policy of the year is "change, innovation, strong advantages; reduce cost, improve quality, increase efficiency", and around this policy, put forward2023The key work of the year: establish a new concept of development and formulate a new five-year plan; Do a good job in the projects already invested and in investment to make them effective as soon as possible; Strengthen management innovation, strengthen management integration and improve the competitiveness of enterprises; Increase R & D investment and strengthen R & D management; Continue to strengthen technological innovation and technological transformation to promote the construction of "digital intelligence factory"; Firmly lead the market, innovate market management and adapt to market changes; we should attach importance to the construction of talent team, improve the team management ability, continue to strengthen the management of safety and environmental protection, take the party building as the guide, constantly enrich the connotation of corporate culture, and create the "soft power" of enterprise competition ".

    At the meeting, Yu Jianhong, on behalf of the group company, signed a contract with its subordinate enterprises.2023Annual economic accountability.

    Shi Fu, chairman of the trade union of the group company, read it out2022Annual list of advanced collectives and advanced individuals of group companies. After joint evaluation by grassroots recommend and groups,2022In the year, advanced enterprises, advanced party organizations, advanced civilized workshops (departments and offices), advanced teams and groups, advanced trade union organizations and other advanced collectives were selected.21A, outstanding employees, innovative experts, outstanding management workers, outstanding marketers and other outstanding individuals25Outstanding party workers, outstanding Communist Party members, outstanding trade union workers, advanced safety and environmental protection workers, rookie employees and other advanced individuals22Name.

    Lou Chunming, representative of advanced enterprises and general manager of Jianfeng Supply Chain Company, Yuan Xianming, representative of outstanding management workers and executive deputy general manager of Daye Jianfeng, representative of outstanding Communist Party members, Fan Tufa of Jinhua Pharmaceutical Company, Zhou Wenbao, representative of new employees and production department of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company, Lu Chaofang, representative of innovation experts and cable company, took the stage to speak one after another, reviewing the gains and losses of the past year's work and sharing experiences.

    On behalf of the group company, Jiang Xiaomeng, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board of directors of the group company, congratulated the advanced collectives and individuals who have been commended, and thanked all the peak employees who have been fighting on all fronts for the hard work and achievements over the past year. In view of the current market situation and existing problems faced by the company, he made a concluding speech entitled "unite as one, face up to difficulties, and complete the annual production and operation objectives, I hope that the management team of each business segment will carefully understand the report of the general manager.2023Various arrangements for the work of the new year will be made to better complete the work of the new year (details are published separately in this edition).