New Year Speech by the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company

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New Year Speech by the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company

The years do not live, the season is like a stream.

    Say goodbye to the challenging and extraordinary2022We are pregnant with hope and strength in our march into change.2023.

    Here, on behalf of the group company, I would like to express my sincere greetings to all the cadres and employees who have worked hard and dedicated for a year; I would like to say to my colleagues who still stick to their posts during the festival, even in a foreign land: hard work.

    2022In 2010, the complex and volatile new crown epidemic, rising basic raw materials and shrinking demand and other unfavorable factors brought great pressure and severe challenges to the Group's development. However, we still overcome difficulties, seize development opportunities, move forward, and strictly implement the General SecretaryThe epidemic must be contained, the economy must be stabilized, and development must be safe.The requirements of the Group, firm confidence, calmly respond, seek opportunities in crisis, seek progress in stability, and go all out to stabilize growth, prevent risks, promote reform, grasp management, and strengthen party building, laying the foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of the group, and for the party's 20 Great gift.

    This year, with the joint efforts of all the peak employees, we have wonChina's top 100 cement clinker production capacity enterprises,“2021Annual Taurus Most Valuable Investment AwardChina's cement brand influenceSmart Factory Leader, ZhejiangProvincial water-saving benchmarking enterpriseYunnan Provinceharmonious labor relations enterprise, GuizhouProvincial Green FactorySuch as a series of honors, corporate image and influence greatly enhanced.

    This year, we always take responsibility. In the face of the epidemic, we do a good job of internal epidemic prevention and control at the same time, but also to the enterprise's local government, anti-epidemic personnel, charity donations, and use the channel advantage to actively cooperate with government departments to reserve epidemic prevention materials, to ensure market supply, for the joint force.war epidemicWe have made positive contributions; we have actively invested in the cause of rural revitalization, visited the needy people in the economically weak villages where the company is located every year, and carried out joint construction and common prosperity actions in pairs, working together to strengthen the village and enrich the people, and help achieve common prosperity.

    All the achievements of this year are the result of the hard work and sweat of the company's employees, and are the result of all the peak people expressing their responsibilities and creating achievements with hard work. The new year brings new hope and new challenges.2023Year is country.fourteen fiveThe key year is also the listing of Jianfeng Group.30Anniversary, we must focus on long-term development, closely follow the pulse of the times, grasp market opportunities, and use innovative casting group companies to develop new engines with high quality.

    Strive for a new era and live up to Shaohua to embark on a new journey! Let's treasure the glory, step on the drumbeat of the times with confidence, define the time with struggle, water the harvest with sweat, actively explore the high-quality development path of Jianfeng Group, and moveCreating a Centennial SpikeWith wisdom and sweat, we will create brilliant new achievements on the new journey of realizing the beautiful vision of peak people.

Finally, I wish everyone a happy New Year, a happy family, good health and all the best!