The chairman put forward requirements for the work in the coming year

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At the 2022 annual summary and commendation meeting of the group company held on January 18, Jiang Xiaomeng, secretary of the party Committee and chairman of the group company, made a summary speech entitled "unite as one, face up to difficulties, and fully complete the annual production and operation objectives" in view of the current market situation and existing problems faced by the company, pointing out the direction and putting forward requirements for the company's work in 2023.

    1Month18The group company held on2022At the annual summary and commendation meeting, Jiang Xiaomeng, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group company, made a summary speech entitled "unite as one, face up to difficulties, and fully complete the annual production and operation objectives" in view of the current market situation and existing problems faced by the company.2023The work of the year indicates the direction and puts forward requirements.

    Jiang Xiaomeng pointed out that in order to achieve long-term and stable business development, enterprises must clearly understand the situation, fully understand and grasp the pulse of the times, clarify various national policies, and carry out targeted business activities. In the past few years, the epidemic has repeatedly continued to affect, raw material prices have fluctuated, electricity prices have risen across the board, infrastructure and real estate sectors have been depressed, resulting in a decline in the efficiency of the cement industry; the pharmaceutical industry has poor circulation channels and limited end-use consumption, and the impact is also very serious. The past year has been full of hardships, but the efforts and achievements are also worthy of recognition.

    talk about2023Jiang Xiaomeng said that at present, development is regarded as the top priority from the central government to the local government. Peak enterprise managers should focus on the following changes to realize self-reform and promotion: change their mental model and inertial thinking, dare to do things that have not been done, and use innovative spirit, new ideas, new methods and new measures to solve the current problems encountered by the company; change your own vision pattern, keep up with the pace of the times, be brave and willing to accept new things, not only learn advanced technology from excellence and benchmarks, but also learn their experience and ideas, and put an end to working behind closed doors; change the ecosystem and enhance information symmetry. It is necessary to have a high degree of sensitivity and a full sense of industry smell, timely acceptance of cutting-edge industry information, understanding of the development trend of information technology, and insight into the market environment and strategic choices of enterprises, help enterprises to achieve long-term and steady development; change learning methods, improve learning ability, especially the ability to apply what they have learned, apply what they have learned to production, and truly realize technological innovation; dare to take responsibility, be brave to take responsibility, and take care of their own Enterprises, loyal to their own enterprises, serve their own enterprises, share weal and woe with enterprises, and always take the maximization of corporate benefits as the starting point to make various decisions.

    At present, there are many peak industries, large spans and wide regions, and the specific conditions of enterprises are different. How can we better create benefits? Jiang Xiaomeng proposed sixTo, that is, to the market for benefits, and constantly improve the ability to control marketing channels, the ability to predict and grasp market opportunities, the ability to serve customers, brand building capabilities, customer relationship management capabilities, from the procurement cost, production process, production technology, labor productivity, energy conservation and environmental protection ability, product output, these cost-related links; to seek benefits from intelligence, through intelligent and digital applications to improve labor productivity; to seek benefits from management, improve management skills and management capabilities, and improve the per capita profit-making ability of each enterprise; to seek benefits from innovation, and strive to carry out product innovation and process innovation, make out the characteristics and advantages of peak enterprises; seek benefits from safety, truly strictly implement the safety production responsibility system and accountability system, do a good job in safety production strictly, practically, and carefully, and resolutely build a safety bottom line.

    jiang xiaomeng pointed out,2023For the peak of the year, the opportunities are obvious and the difficulties also exist. The group should unite as one, face up to the difficulties, use wisdom and courage to fully and exceed the annual production and operation targets, and welcome the listing of the group with excellent results.30Anniversary.