Jianfeng Pharmaceutical has made clear its key work in the new year.

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At the 2022 annual summary and commendation meeting of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical held on January 19, Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company and chairman of the pharmaceutical company, and Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, made arrangements for the key work of the pharmaceutical company in 2023 and put forward specific requirements.

    1Month19Peak Pharmaceuticals held on the day.2022At the annual summary commendation meeting, Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company and chairman of the pharmaceutical company, and Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, told the pharmaceutical company2023The key work has been arranged and deployed, and specific requirements have been put forward.

    2023With the adjustment of the national policy on the control of the epidemic, the domestic into the post-epidemic period, pharmaceutical companies will focus onReducing cost first, innovation-oriented, marketing leading, standardized and efficientThe work policy, solidly promote the production and operation management work.

    In terms of market expansion, the pharmaceutical industry should optimize management and business teams, strengthen process control, purify the market environment, cultivate benchmarking markets, and expand Internet marketing; pharmaceutical commerce should give full play to regional advantages, make full use of government resources, and expand and strengthen subdivided fields; pharmaceutical retail should comply with changes in the market and customer needs, and seek breakthroughs in business philosophy and business ideas; natural products companies continue to give full play to their advantages in quality, technology, information and brand, expand new areas of the market, focus on the development of the domestic ordinary food market, maintain a steady growth in sales volume, and increase the added value of products; Shanghai Beika should find out the changing law of the pesticide market, expand the sales of pesticide products at the best price, and strive to strengthen cooperation with pharmaceutical R & D and production enterprises to achieve differentiated sales.

    In terms of new drug development, continue to strengthen communication and coordination between various levels and departments; strengthen communication with drug review and approval departments to improve the speed and success rate of new drug approval; strengthen cooperationCROThe company's in-depth cooperation to improve new drug research and development capabilities; scientifically formulate product development plans, further clarify the responsibilities of development, production, and quality departments, and accelerate the speed of new drug research and development; continue to carry out technical research, continuously optimize process parameters, and increase yield; continue to introduce raw materials Preparation integrated varieties stimulate the potential of API bases and preparation internationalization projects; increase the introduction and development efforts to enrich the enterprise product line.

    In terms of project construction and technological transformation, do a good job in international projects to meetFDAVarious preparations for on-site inspections; complete various inspections of various construction projects and related approvals before they are put into production, and reach production standards as soon as possible; increase foreign cooperation, give full play to production capacity advantages, and increase revenue; continue to promote various informatization work, Continuously improve the informatization and intelligence level of the enterprise.

    In terms of cost control, further optimize the synthesis process of API and improve the yield; Further strengthen the control of the preparation production process; Strengthen the coordination of production and marketing, optimize the production organization mode, and reasonably arrange the production cycle; Speed up the work process of photovoltaic power generation projects; Reasonable deployment of personnel to improve work efficiency; Reduce procurement costs and ensure stable supply by increasing suppliers of raw and auxiliary packaging materials.

    In terms of internal control management, we will continue to improve the internal control system of enterprises, improve the operability of the internal control system, and increase the intensity of system assessment; continue to strengthen tax planning, as well as communication with tax departments, timely grasp of policy trends, and reduce the risk of tax inspection.

    In terms of safety and environmental protection, take the implementation of the new safety production law as an opportunity to increase the publicity and education of laws and regulations; standardize the development of various production and business activities to ensure the safety of personnel and property.

    Product quality, further strengtheningGMP,GSPSelf-inspection, timely detection of quality hazards, implementation of responsibilities; acceptance of the United States with international projectsFDACertification as an opportunity to strengthen staff education and training, improve professional skills and business ability; attach great importance to pharmacovigilance and adverse reaction monitoring; strengthen the construction of quality management system, and further standardize quality management and quality control behavior.

    In terms of team building, attach importance to the introduction, training and use of talents to provide more platforms for the growth of talents; select young cadres to enrich the management team at all levels, enhance the vitality of the team, and create a well-trained, dedicated staff team and A united, pragmatic, responsible and capable management team to meet the needs of the sustainable development of the enterprise.