Tablet packaging has a robot!

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The pharmaceutical company introduced the world's leading KUKA intelligent robot in September 2022, which has realized the fully automated packaging operation of tablet products in aluminum-plastic, pillow-type bags, cartoning, checkweighing, bundling, coding, packing and palletizing, and is currently running well.

Pharmaceutical companies2022Year9The introduction of the use of the world's leading.KUKAThe intelligent robot has realized the integrated fully automatic packaging operation of aluminum-plastic, pillow-type bag, cartoning, checkweighing, bundling, coding, packing and palletizing of tablet products, and is currently running well.

    Drug packaging is time-consuming and laborious, with many and trivial work steps, heavy workload and high labor costs.KUKAAfter the intelligent robot is put into use, the work is completed step by step, and the packaging products are transported and arranged through the equipment, which reduces the labor intensity, improves the monitoring and management level of production, improves the production efficiency and management efficiency, and reduces the production cost. Take the product Lisi as an example, manual packaging one person a day packaging.3200Box, intelligent robot can be completed in a minute200Box. Moreover, the full-automatic packaging production line is an equipment operation. Product packaging is carried out in an established and unchanged high-quality environment, which limits human factors and can reduce the risk of foreign matter pollution. Each process can be traced through pharmaceutical equipment such as automatic drugging, automatic tracking, positioning of color code of packaging materials, photographic molding detection, weighing and kicking waste on checkweigher, photoelectric control system, supervision and coding system, etc, improve product uniformity and stability, and better ensure the quality of packaged products.